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This is one of my favourite animations I've seen in a while. You can see effort clearly being put into these and some great work too, voice acting was good, singing was amazing; gets me every time. Some true work deserving of true appreciation.

Animation was great, the dialogue was hilarious and there's no question that this is a good laugh. Good work. As an improvement, adding shading onto the characters will add a little more appeal to them and avoids the flat colour look.

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RyanStorm responds:

being completely honest, I'm sorta scared to move onto shading. I've practiced it, but consistantly get intimidated by it whenever I consider incorporating it.
I might just ease into it, by using it for more dramatic scenes and then eventually start using it in the whole cartoon.

Yo, very nice work, the style and animation was definitely pleasing. A way of improving this animation might be to add shading and avoid flat colour in the frames

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I was surprised, this game was a lot more addictive that I initially expected. I started out confused, but in a matter of seconds I was able to start getting into the game and I was extremely impressed with how unique this game is, I loved the creativity, the downside is the game doesn't last too long. I can move on quite quickly and there wasn't much to keep me around.
But A+ for creativity

hairygames responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you like it, like I said in the description, the creativity is not really my work. ;)

Very addicting game. After 30 seconds I was able to understand the game well and I got into it for a long time, creative use of the tower defence genre, made all the towers interesting and unique. Great work and some interesting stuff!
Very good.

Very well made game. You can tell some good thought went into this game whilst playing it. Pleasing art, good music, combat system works great, looting and upgrading felt rewarding and certainly kept me going with a good selection of achievements to top it.
Great work.

SeethingSwarm responds:

So glad you like my latest game and thanks so much for the great review and the nice score!

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Absolutely love it, super groovy stuff to listen to, wouldn't mind jamming to this all day.

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