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Posted by ClickyCrisp - April 12th, 2014

I haven't really been able to get down and dirty with any art or drawing lately, mainly because I've been trying to get a little side project of mine out of the way. Anyone who plays or knows about Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be interested, I started making a montage months ago and managed to get it done today!

This means more art coming shortly so keep your eyes peeled, I shall give you guys a shout!
Check out the montage here, it's pretty swell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4F5IW2AbzA&feature=youtu.be

Posted by ClickyCrisp - March 24th, 2014

I've really started to settle in here at NewGrounds, spending atleast 2 hours a day exploring what content I've missed since my last visit. I spend most of my time looking at all the most recent content from all the portals, giving out thoughtful votes and reviews, even playing games. Experience points and medals really motivate me to continue being apart of the community and helping out where I can.
I've also started posting more content as a voice actor and artist.

I look foward to the near future and await for tomorrow. See you guys around!

Posted by ClickyCrisp - January 1st, 2014

So I've only posted 2 things and with in that time, I've learned that New Grounds truly is and has a great community, so I decided I would put some real effort in, instead of last minute choices or unrelated things I found.

I've been motivated, so I thank anyone part of the community for being a freaking legend. You shall see more of me here, with all your advice and contructive criticism being used. Peace out yo!

Posted by ClickyCrisp - December 26th, 2013

I just got into doing digital art and well... I've been on a range of sites and I just feel like I need another place where I can post my art and get feedback, so why not try the little tank of the internet. Hope I can stick around and I'll be posting some of my drawings soon, I'm always open to collaberations or working with others and doing work ect. Just ask. Anyways, SEE YAHS!